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The drug trade is a global industry that has been estimated to cost over $1 trillion dollars per year. Most illegal drugs come from China or Mexico, with opium being the most common drug. The amount of opium produced in Afghanistan is estimated to be as high as 10% of the world's supply of opium. The Taliban have destroyed or prevented the development of most of Afghanistan's farmland due to their desire to ban poppy production, leaving most of the farms barren. The United States and other countries have helped rebuild the farmland, but not as much as is necessary. More land is needed to produce the cotton, wheat, and other crops needed to feed the country. The Taliban has also been accused of providing financing, training and arms to drug traffickers in order to further their interests in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In the drug-producing areas, corruption has spread to the point of tribal systems controlling the land. This has resulted in the Taliban being unable to directly control the area, and thus unable to control the area's resources. The Taliban may also be protecting the opium trade from government forces, which are corrupt and unreliable. The US has lost upwards of $1.5 billion dollars in tax money due to drug profits. This has become a major issue in the US election season.Two women who were arrested on suspicion of killing a young woman in Victoria have been released without charge. A 36-year-old woman and a 42-year-old woman, both from Langwarrin, were taken into custody on Friday over the discovery of the body of a 21-year-old woman in a car in Point Cook. The woman's body was discovered behind a house in the suburb and police have since charged another woman over her death. The woman's body was found wrapped in a bag in a car in Point Cook. (9NEWS) (9news) The woman was found with stab wounds in the neck and throat on Saturday. Police were called to the house in Point Cook at about 7:00am on Saturday. It is believed the 21-year-old woman, whose identity is yet to be confirmed, and another woman were stabbed and killed. On Monday, police searched the home in Langwarrin and seized a knife, a hatchet, bloodied clothing and footwear. Police said there was no sign of forced entry to the house. Officers said it was believed the 21-year-old woman had been staying at the home