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This is an educational food concept focused on celebrating the diverse cultures and cuisines from the African continent and Black diaspora. It is also meant to highlight the racial injustices faced by the Black community and offering support to those in need.

We are a social enterprise and keeping waste low is of great importance to us. In order to donate as much as possible, we can only accommodate demand. If demand remains high, we will continue to grow and offer more products and experiences to serve you.

If you want to see growth from this initiative, please donate to The Abibiman Project using the donate button. Donations to The Abibiman Project will go towards recipe testing, supplies, marketing, renting kitchen space and hopefully eventually hiring some help for an extremely hard working owner. In turn we'll end up with more net profit and will be able to give more to Afri-can Food Basket in the long run.

To donate directly or read up on Afri-can Food Basket and their Black Food Toronto Initiative, click on their logo to be lead to their page.

Food is the great connector. Let's use it to explore, learn, grow and fight racial injustice.


Rachel Adjei
Creator, The Abibiman Project

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